【Options (Model Plans) for performances overseas】

A) Wadaiko band (wadaiko)


This band is consisted of 2~5 wadaiko artists who regularly perform in teams in Japan.

You can enjoy the powerful performance that has elements of Japanese dance.


B) Zan-getsu (wadaiko, shakuhachi and tsugaru-jamisen)

This band is consisted in total of four artists: 2 wadaiko, 1 shakuhachi and 1 tsugaru-jamisen artists.

They have had a number of performances outside Japan, mainly in Asia and Europe.

You can enjoy the performance perfectly in unison.


C) Crow-Class (wadaiko, shamisen,shakuhachi and koto)

The only band in the world that fuses the Japanese subculture “Visual-kei (visual-style)” and the traditional culture of Japanese instruments.

Consisted of six young wagakki artists, this unique fusion of the present and the past brings about yet another evolution to Japanese traditional instruments and enchants the audiences around the world.




D) Koto unit (koto and vocal)

This unit is consisted of a koto artist and a vocalist, the traditional Japanese-style entertainment for feasts. Koto is often accompanied by songs, and you can enjoy from songs from the Edo period to modern and contemporary pieces

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